THE REASON why I WASN'T here (if you care to listen)

So it's about 3+ months since I really updated this website? (Those last two blog posts don't count!) And here is the reason why! LIFE! Life happened, and with life comes a ton of changes and things that you don't expect to happen! Depression is a bitch and honesty it's plagued me and how I function and what I did. It's hard to describe what hell it brought, but just recently I went to the doctor and changed my diet and activity! I just wish I had the push of getting help sooner but I guess I'm stubborn. Gotta love run on sentences! Anyways as my life has gotten kinda back on track it's time to spend a little bit of time on this blog to just throw whatever I want to throw at you :D haha I only joke about throwing objects at you!

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