Carnival Of Light

The Carnival of Light! Is that a Carnival full of lights?! If so, COUNT ME IN! I only joke, that's the name the fans have given a certain untitled Beatles track. It's the holy grail of unreleased material from the great band on the earth! Well for one it ISN'T bootlegged and second it WASN'T released on the Anthology albums (1995). You might be asking yourself, WHY? WHY HASN'T THIS SONG BEEN RELEASED?! Well for one it's an avant-garde type of song, merely because it was all preformed on spot and some echo and Native American war cries were added onto the song for effects and yadda yadda yadda. Another reason why is Paul McCartney DID indeed wanted to release it on the Anthology but George Harrison vetoed it. George Harrison famous line about avant-garde music was "avant garde a clue" to sound like "haven't got a clue" Oh George you're so clever! Paul's been as of recent (2008) when asked in an interview is still very interested in releasing the track. I have a huge feeling we'll still have to wait a while until we hear ANYTHING else about this track. When it comes to avant-garde type of music I enjoy it and I'd be very interested in taking a listen to this merely because it predates Revolution 9 and Paul describes it like a John Cage piece (I love John Cage). Barry Miles (he was the guy that listed the song on the "The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions" book back in 1987) said it sounded similar to Frank Zappa's song "Return of Son of Monster Magnet" but with "no rhythm" and a lot more "serious".
As of right now I hope all of you are now interested and please share what you have to say in the comments below! I'd love to hear!

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