The Legend Of Zelda turns 25 today

Shigeru Miyamoto the main source of greatness at Nintendo, Legend of Zelda series turns 25 today. Nothing much else could be said but it's been 25 years and in those years we saw some amazing games from the 2D days of the NES to the 3D outing on the N64, the series has gone through a lot of change and rarely seen anything less from greatness (let's not count the CD-I games, because we all know those games sucked). Now hopefully Nintendo will celebrate one of their biggest franchises with something similar to what they did for Mario's 25th, but actually put thought into it and not just slap 1993's Super Mario Allstars onto a Wii disc and call it a collection.
So are you hoping for a Wii collection of Zelda games?

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  1. Chatetris. :] happy 25th Anniversary for Legend of Zelda. I guess. Haha, that sounds lame huh?

  2. It was Mario's 25th Anniversary last year.