Gaming is getting bland (for me)

I try to keep up with the game industry but in reality that's the fun part about games is following how their created or how their produced and sales figures than the actual product itself. Maybe that's weird to say about video games but I find myself enjoying the politics around the game industry instead of the actual video games. The main reason why I'm losing interest in video games is I find it to be a 'waste' of time, now this coming from a guy that's sinked hundreds to thousands of hours playing these video games. The reason why I find them to be a waste of time is that I've been subjected to the same genre for years now and the games are pretty much the same in design and quite honesty aren't hugely compelling for me to keep on purchasing. Now that's just me, I'm the type of guy that still plays his SNES, hopefully I'm not the only one out there that feels this way.

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