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Gaming is getting bland (for me)

I try to keep up with the game industry but in reality that's the fun part about games is following how their created or how their produced and sales figures than the actual product itself. Maybe that's weird to say about video games but I find myself enjoying the politics around the game industry instead of the actual video games. The main reason why I'm losing interest in video games is I find it to be a 'waste' of time, now this coming from a guy that's sinked hundreds to thousands of hours playing these video games. The reason why I find them to be a waste of time is that I've been subjected to the same genre for years now and the games are pretty much the same in design and quite honesty aren't hugely compelling for me to keep on purchasing. Now that's just me, I'm the type of guy that still plays his SNES, hopefully I'm not the only one out there that feels this way.


Minecraft coming to all iOS platforms!

Yes! That little indie game that makes us lose sleep is now invading our iPhones and iPads! Now you can carry that addiction in your pocket. Not a lot is known about the project but that it's going to be released sometime this year (hopefully) now granted the FULL game we all know and love ISN'T all going to be ported but the parts that make sense for a touch based device are going to make it through this port.


The Legend Of Zelda turns 25 today

Shigeru Miyamoto the main source of greatness at Nintendo, Legend of Zelda series turns 25 today. Nothing much else could be said but it's been 25 years and in those years we saw some amazing games from the 2D days of the NES to the 3D outing on the N64, the series has gone through a lot of change and rarely seen anything less from greatness (let's not count the CD-I games, because we all know those games sucked). Now hopefully Nintendo will celebrate one of their biggest franchises with something similar to what they did for Mario's 25th, but actually put thought into it and not just slap 1993's Super Mario Allstars onto a Wii disc and call it a collection.
So are you hoping for a Wii collection of Zelda games?

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Pokemon hacked black version

This is the big urban myth about a 'bootleg' Pokemon Red game being hacked and it getting all glitchy and something to do about some guys friend dying? Real or fake? Lavender town's theme freaks me out anyways.


Red Dead Redemption is just GTA IV set in the Wild West?

I don't know if anyone else agrees with me but I hated it when people were calling Red Dead Redemption just GTA but set in the wild west before the game was EVEN released! And even after it's release back on May 18, 2010 people were still calling it GTA in the wild west, but why? I think the reason why is because Rockstar games is known for their highly successful GTA series of games, but people must think that's the only series of games Rockstar makes. Now granted both GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption run on the same game engine and both have similar mission structures but Red Dead has enough to warrant it being apart from GTA IV. Personally I'm more of a Red Dead Redemption type of guy because running around in a city causing hell was played out, so having a western theme and setting really made it stand out for me. I could go on about how much better I think Red Dead Redemption is compared to GTA IV is but I'll write up a review of Red Dead Redemption on a later date. So which one would you choose? GTA IV or Red Dead Redemption?

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Earthbound Zero is HARD!

I shouldn't say it's SUPER HARD, but when compared to Earthbound it's quite a grindy RPG for the NES (or the Famicom if you lived in Japan). Granted I tend to rush through RPG's like their going out of style but I think with this game I'll slow down and try to enjoy the experience for the story and less for the game play. The only reason why I'm trying to play through Earthbound Zero is so I can say "I've beat all the Mother games" but that's purely for gloating sake. So have you played Earthbound Zero (Mother)? If so how enjoyable was it? And if not why haven't you given this game a chance?

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Getting the ball rolling.

First and foremost! I want this blog to be based on video games! (but not limited to). This is still a blog and that means the content will vary from time to time, it all really depends on what I want to write about on here. Well thank god! I got all that introduction crap out of the way I want to pose a question to the few (if any) followers/readers is, what is your favorite game system? Personally, my favorite game console and has been for awhile now is the Super Nintendo Entertainment System! One of the main reasons why it was so awesome was the long list of triple A titles for the system in it's 5+ lifespan. I could quite literally go on and on about how great the Super Nintendo was but I think I'm going to hold off for awhile and try to just keep up with this blogging thing. So follower/readers, What is your favorite game system and why?

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