Prepared Piano

I've had this thought of composing an album that consisted all of prepared piano, now TWO big issue plague this from happening anytime soon! One, my notation isn't up to snuff and TWO! I don't have a grand piano I can wreck to make a prepared piano or the hardware/software to emulate this. Prepared piano has been on my mind lately but I feel as if I just want to make a classical piano album similar to Karlheinz Stockhausen's Klavierstücke I-XI piano works. Klavierstücke I-XI sounds very random and not structured but you would be wrong! It just sounds that way, but I'd love to record something like that.


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Tyoan-------> NaOH + HCl--> NaCl+HOH

Wila na nilly


Carnival Of Light

The Carnival of Light! Is that a Carnival full of lights?! If so, COUNT ME IN! I only joke, that's the name the fans have given a certain untitled Beatles track. It's the holy grail of unreleased material from the great band on the earth! Well for one it ISN'T bootlegged and second it WASN'T released on the Anthology albums (1995). You might be asking yourself, WHY? WHY HASN'T THIS SONG BEEN RELEASED?! Well for one it's an avant-garde type of song, merely because it was all preformed on spot and some echo and Native American war cries were added onto the song for effects and yadda yadda yadda. Another reason why is Paul McCartney DID indeed wanted to release it on the Anthology but George Harrison vetoed it. George Harrison famous line about avant-garde music was "avant garde a clue" to sound like "haven't got a clue" Oh George you're so clever! Paul's been as of recent (2008) when asked in an interview is still very interested in releasing the track. I have a huge feeling we'll still have to wait a while until we hear ANYTHING else about this track. When it comes to avant-garde type of music I enjoy it and I'd be very interested in taking a listen to this merely because it predates Revolution 9 and Paul describes it like a John Cage piece (I love John Cage). Barry Miles (he was the guy that listed the song on the "The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions" book back in 1987) said it sounded similar to Frank Zappa's song "Return of Son of Monster Magnet" but with "no rhythm" and a lot more "serious".
As of right now I hope all of you are now interested and please share what you have to say in the comments below! I'd love to hear!

The Rage and the Fury

The Rage and the Fury is Frank Zappa's FINAL project (before he died, they still release unreleased material nowadays) and it's quite interesting because this album consists of works by the avant-garde composer Edgard Varèse. I'd imagine this work would similar (in quality) to The Yellow Shark (Last album before he passed). The interesting thing about the title of album is that is "Rage" and "Fury" are sorta the words Zappa used to describe Varèse's music when he first listened to the music when he was in his early teens (1940's). Edgard Varèse being Zappa's favorite contemporary classical composer you'd imagine this album would be pushed out of the flood gates, but no show. Just gotta wait.

THE REASON why I WASN'T here (if you care to listen)

So it's about 3+ months since I really updated this website? (Those last two blog posts don't count!) And here is the reason why! LIFE! Life happened, and with life comes a ton of changes and things that you don't expect to happen! Depression is a bitch and honesty it's plagued me and how I function and what I did. It's hard to describe what hell it brought, but just recently I went to the doctor and changed my diet and activity! I just wish I had the push of getting help sooner but I guess I'm stubborn. Gotta love run on sentences! Anyways as my life has gotten kinda back on track it's time to spend a little bit of time on this blog to just throw whatever I want to throw at you :D haha I only joke about throwing objects at you!

Hey Jude

I have nothing really else to say but I just love listening to this song, I don't really have anyone to talk about this type of stuff with. All I could really say my taste of music swings all over the place but The Beatles tend to stay, my love for their music is almost impossible to explain! It's just so great to listen to them play! Anyways, I'll try to start back on this blog more and etc etc etc.


PSN is back up (for now)

Let's all rejoice (for whom that own a PSN enabled device that is) for the come back of the PSN from the almost 4 week outage because of hackers. I can't really say much more about this situation but that a ton of drama has been around this for the past 4 weeks and everything (hopefully) will get back to normal. GO FIRE THAT PS3 AND DOWNLOAD THAT USELESS UPDATE! Huzzah!


Gaming is getting bland (for me)

I try to keep up with the game industry but in reality that's the fun part about games is following how their created or how their produced and sales figures than the actual product itself. Maybe that's weird to say about video games but I find myself enjoying the politics around the game industry instead of the actual video games. The main reason why I'm losing interest in video games is I find it to be a 'waste' of time, now this coming from a guy that's sinked hundreds to thousands of hours playing these video games. The reason why I find them to be a waste of time is that I've been subjected to the same genre for years now and the games are pretty much the same in design and quite honesty aren't hugely compelling for me to keep on purchasing. Now that's just me, I'm the type of guy that still plays his SNES, hopefully I'm not the only one out there that feels this way.


Minecraft coming to all iOS platforms!

Yes! That little indie game that makes us lose sleep is now invading our iPhones and iPads! Now you can carry that addiction in your pocket. Not a lot is known about the project but that it's going to be released sometime this year (hopefully) now granted the FULL game we all know and love ISN'T all going to be ported but the parts that make sense for a touch based device are going to make it through this port.


The Legend Of Zelda turns 25 today

Shigeru Miyamoto the main source of greatness at Nintendo, Legend of Zelda series turns 25 today. Nothing much else could be said but it's been 25 years and in those years we saw some amazing games from the 2D days of the NES to the 3D outing on the N64, the series has gone through a lot of change and rarely seen anything less from greatness (let's not count the CD-I games, because we all know those games sucked). Now hopefully Nintendo will celebrate one of their biggest franchises with something similar to what they did for Mario's 25th, but actually put thought into it and not just slap 1993's Super Mario Allstars onto a Wii disc and call it a collection.
So are you hoping for a Wii collection of Zelda games?

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Pokemon hacked black version

This is the big urban myth about a 'bootleg' Pokemon Red game being hacked and it getting all glitchy and something to do about some guys friend dying? Real or fake? Lavender town's theme freaks me out anyways.